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Where to start… I think firstly we should state the obvious for why we are here: the love of the game. But, there’s so many layers of love. From the iconic players, loud kits, great teams to crazy and exhilarating moments in the game itself.

There are so many amazing stories and experiences shared through football/soccer.

I was lucky enough to live through the birth of the Premier League, when Serie A was the best league in the world, and 90/00’s football culture in general was iconic. My older brother took me to so many Arsenal games when I was young (I’ve seen it all regarding AFC). It not only helped mould the way of life for me growing up in London; football was life. Which, now, has made me a little bit of a novelty here in the great U S of A.

All that said, the idea of selling vintage football clobber to fellow fans and addicts, seems like the best way to feed the addiction. (And no, I don’t have a problem.)

The idea came along whilst we were in, of all places, California. Allow me to set the mood.

A life long friend, and fellow Londoner, was getting married. He had moved out to Cali years prior.  My best mate, Al, and I, along with our Misses, made the trip to celebrate his big day. On the eve of the wedding, Al and I got talking around the firepit, reminiscing the days of getting new boots, jerseys and other football stories. Seeing how excited I got about the subject, my wife turned to me and said.... “that’s what you should be doing”. In that moment, I realized that the wife is always* right.

From that day on, I decided to expand my personal collection to a business. It’s time to show the American fans what propa football is all about; to prove why it’s the best sport in the world and how preserving history is massive when it comes to fans’ love and banter involving the game.

The Misses (the tech expert) and I have been living and breathing LCTX to elevate it to a level that we can be proud to say, ”this is ours”. To provide fans all over the world with a certain piece of their own history of the game. To unite fans with shared experiences.


A Propa Football community.

Big love,

Tom Boyce.
Founder and Owner.


We are currently a small team of two - husband & wife duo - with a Texas-sized vision for the future. 


As we are ever-evolving, five values remain true:


We simply do not sell "retro" or remade vintage jerseys or gear. 

The authenticity and quality of the pieces we sell are our highest priority. Our collective experience in retail, fashion and design equips us to protect you from the purchase of “moody” gear. (moody: fake) All items displayed on our site are original and with a complete condition description.

Personal Approach

We thrive off creating an experience tailored to each individual client.
We’ve had the opportunity to serve people from all walks of life and appreciate that everyone’s needs are unique. Whether you’re a serious collector or looking for a unique gift for a mate, we have you covered. Please do not hesitate to message us with any questions.


We take pride in our work while giving credit where credit is due.

As we continue to expand our shop, we pledge to offer exceptional designs. All our designs are our own ideas that are work-shopped and developed in our home-studio. We look forward to collaborating with and highlighting talented & inspiring artists & designers through our Creatives Collection, coming soon.


What's that saying about Texas?

Expect nothing less than big & bold from us. Inspired by London edge with a Texas twang.



We love to share our passion.

We acknowledge the power of sport and its ability to unite people from all areas of the globe. The soccer/football community has given us so much – we’re striving to return the love. Our goal is to not only be your personal expert in the world of vintage jerseys & gear, but to provide a platform for the community that shares our passion for propa football. Subscribe to our social pages, join the club, download our app, and you’ll find a place to belong.

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